Friday, December 26, 2014

Book 2 (My Opinion, Your Self Is My Self) - Chapter 1, Part 2


Since AESA has only itself to use as creation material, pieces of it are also All Encompassing Self Awareness but these pieces want to “play the game”, and they understand the “big picture” and thus agree to limit themselves and start the game from their unique starting point. This unique starting point, this unique perspective is the unique “I am”. These pieces, which are us, agree because we are AESA and nothing can force us. We are the Self-limiting pieces of AESA and as such we are Self-Awareness without the All-Encompassing. We understand that it is a game and that a unique and individual starting point results in a unique and individual point of view on all there is. At the end of the game we become a unique and individual way of looking at things for AESA. A way for AESA to look at things from our “I”’s, or “eye’s” unique perspective, even as AESA continues to expand. And since we are a part of AESA there is no death, or rather annihilation and non-existence. And since there is no death there is no losing in this game. And we are supposed to be having fun playing with ourselves, as long as we ignore anyone who would tell us how and whom to play with.

As with any game, there are rules. The rule for this game is linearity. One thing leads to another, and another, and another, and another. One opinion leads to another, leads to another, leads to another. One event leads to another, leads to another, leads to another. Every action has a reaction, and a reaction, and a reaction, and a reaction. As we choose the role in the experience we choose the action, knowing the action we anticipate a reaction. If the reaction is not what we expected, the action might not have been what we expected either. Imagine rolling a bunch of billiard balls. There is a trajectory, and the energy with which each one was rolled. As there are imperfections in the road, we need to keep moving between them to adjust the trajectory and energy as necessary to keep all of them rolling. There is a pattern or chain of movements to rolling a ball, even as the individual angles and energies may vary. And there is a resulting chain of trajectories which the balls have traveled. As more skill is gained through practice we improve the technique of rolling the ball. As we improve the technique, we improve the trajectory the ball travels. As we improve the technique, less effort is required to move the balls. There is a pattern or chain of opinions and beliefs we use for our actions and decisions, and there are the resulting chains of events in our lives.

The basic structure of everything is a repetition of the same pattern of links and chains. A complete chain is a link in another chain. Self-Awareness is a link in the chain of All Encompassing Self Awareness. While inherently identical Self, each link is customized or individualized through its own Awareness experiences to create a unique “I”. These customized or individualized links result in a customized or individualized chain, an ever customizing or individualizing AESA. We are links in some chains, and the whole chains of some links. We are the chain of “life-time” composed of the links of days/experiences/moments. We are the chain of “body” composed of the links of cells/organs. We are the link “human” in the chain of humanity. We are a link in the chain of family, in the chain of company, in the chain of country. The links are infinite, and so are the chains. As we discover the chains and our place in them we become more aware of our place in existence thus growing our Self awareness.

To be continued...

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