Sunday, December 28, 2014

Book 2 (My Opinion, Your Self Is My Self) - Chapter 1, Part 4


We are the life “chain” generators, resonating with and attracting the “links” and “chains” of various experiences. The “links” and “chains” are experiences with their associated awareness/charge/energy/knowing which we collect to grow our own Awareness. We are Self-Awareness and as we collect the awareness in the experiences we become more Self-aware, thus growing our Self-Awareness. There are experiences of poverty, wealth, health, depression, and all the possible permutations. To collect the Awareness of an experience we do not need to experience them, merely to become Aware of them. Watching a movie will do. As we collect the Awareness in experiences we grow, and as we grow our Higher Selves grow. It is inherently beneficial for our Higher Selves to have us grow. This means the Higher Selves want more Awareness, but it doesn’t mean we have to have unpleasant experiences. Pleasant experiences will provide Awareness just the same. Being aware of poverty and illness through a movie or book does not necessitate experiencing it, but there is still the experience of feeling relief that things are not that bad. There are parallel “links” with sets of circumstances producing feelings which are sadder/worse than those we are feeling now, and there are “links” with sets of circumstances producing happier/better feelings. As we decide what feelings we would like to experience, we will simultaneously move in the direction of and attract to us the “link” and its circumstances which produce those feelings.

As we experience our own “chains of events” we form expectations of what comes next, which can also be described as habits and inertia. These expectations bring us to experiences in the chain of events based on our past experiences not purely on our wants. When we decide to change direction we deal with the expectations we have formed. The greater the expectations the more force we may have to apply to create a change in the “chain of events”. This gets compounded by how great or drastic a change we would like to make in the “chain of events”. If we are not happy with our current “chain of events” we can always attract a happier/better “chain”, and simply jump over. When we attract the “links” of a better “chain” and have the possibility to jump over, the reason we cling to the “chain” we know but do not like is because of the fear of the unknown. The fear of what may happen, and how others may react. “How do I expect to get a table at a busy restaurant without a reservation?” Who cares, walk right in thinking about what you want, and what happens, happens. Besides maybe you don’t want to eat there tonight because the cook had a fight with his wife, and your dish was going to be the one he’d spit in.

There is a cycle to the experiences as well, the cycle of expansion and contraction. The cycle of doing, learning, possibly tearing down, and re-doing. Almost a dance of “two steps forward one step back”, as we discover what the next step brings, and decide if it’s what we want and if it’s good enough. This is the cycle of a child building a tower out of blocks, then disassembling it to create a new, better, and improved tower. Our seeing where the choices we made have led us, learning and knowing how to optimize and improve, and knowing where and how to do and build differently. The cycle of seeing what was done and disassembling it to reassemble better, greater, and grander. The cycle of collecting more and more awareness of the Self’s abilities, likes, and dislikes. This is the cycle of our learning what we like and what we do not like, what improvements we can make and how we can make them. When a tower of blocks gets broken, when a job is lost, when an investment goes belly up, this is not the end. This is the beginning of rebuilding. But it also does not have to be drastic. Deciding to change jobs does not mean we should burn bridges, quitting is also an experience which can be experienced in different ways. When the alphabet is learned, when school is finished, when a degree is earned, this is not the end. This is the time of doing. This is the chance to apply everything learned in the previous cycles. This is the opportunity to create something grander. This is the opportunity to show and use everything that has been learned. This is the opportunity to refine. This is the opportunity to create something higher. This is the opportunity to evolve. This is an opportunity to become the Higher Self.

We are individuals and continue to individualize the kind of Self we want to be. We are the individual Self in a given scenario, collecting the individual Awareness. As we experience this individualized Self we understand its specificity more and more, and become more aware of it and grow our Self Awareness. Ultimately we will, in my opinion, become aware of all there is to be aware of, but it will be from our Self’s individualized perspective. “I” will be Aware of all there is. “I” will be All Encompassing Awareness. Being aware of all there is means we will have All Encompassing Self Awareness, we will be more of AESA, there will be more of AESA, and thus AESA will grow and expand. In that AESA will be our unique Self, our unique Awareness of Self, our unique “I”, our unique “eye”, offering its unique perspective on all. Our own Self which at its most basic is the same Self that is in everyone. We are all the same Self, with our own individual “I”s. We are all one Self. In the words of the musketeers “one is all, and all is one”.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Book 2 (My Opinion, Your Self Is My Self) - Chapter 1, Part 3


Each link and each chain have higher, lower, parallel, guide and follower versions of themselves. We are Self Aware, and for us there is a higher level of Self Awareness. Put simply we are Self and we have a higher level Self, or Higher Self. The tomorrow version of us is the Higher Self, conversely yesterday’s version is the Lower-Self. The “us” with more experience and Awareness is our Higher Self, the “us” with a broader view and understanding of everything around us is our Higher Self. We are individuals and we have individuals with a higher level of Awareness relative to us; a parent, a teacher, government or religious leader. We are employees and we have a manager, an employee with a higher level of Awareness. In a word, we have a Guide. We also become guides for others such as our children, students, employees. I believe the Higher Self is, as the name implies, a higher version of our own Self. Be it from the future, a different layer, or another dimension, but it will be our own Self. Guides are the other individuals ahead of us in the chain, other Selves with more Awareness than us. As we advance we push everyone else up the chain forward, Higher Self and Guides, and we pull along everyone down the chain. As someone else advances up the chain, they pull us along. Thus it is in everyone’s best interest to keep pushing forward and advancing themselves and others around them.

As we experience a specific moment there are also infinite “link” parallel realities in the “chain” of this moment. The radio receives signals which exist in parallel. All of the stations are broadcasting simultaneously or in parallel, but we hear only the station the radio is tuned to. There are possibly variants of us for all of the infinite possibilities of our lives. Some of these are very similar, such as working at the same job but for a different salary, or very different where we don’t even live in the same country. These infinite parallel variants are the “links” in the “chain” of us at this moment, same as these “chains” become the “links” in the “chain” of us in all of the moments put together. As with any “chain”, I believe there is a Higher Self that is aware of all of the potentials and is available to guide us. Perhaps this is what intuition is, the Higher Self nudging us in a beneficial direction. Our beliefs determine what we “want” and how we “ask” for it. Not-poor is not the same as wealthy. Not-sick is not the same as healthy. Although the nudging might be in a beneficial direction, it might not be what we expect, and it might stretch our beliefs. Whether we perceive it as beneficial is determined by how we “ask” for what we want and how we perceive the new moment. Our “now” is a fulcrum, with both the “past” acting as a lever to adjust the “future”, and the “future” adjusting the “past”. Choosing a parallel with a higher salary necessitates a different “past”, just as fixating on a specific “past” necessitates a specific “future”. In light of a letter notifying you of winning a year’s free cable service, does it really matter that you can’t remember the cable company having any such raffle?

In every situation, in every experience, there is the discovery of more Self. As the Self is discovered, there is more Awareness of it. Awareness brings with it knowing, or simply knowledge. The expression knowledge is power may be old, but that does not make it any less valid. Neither does it mean anything about control or domination. Knowing how to grow food gives the power to feed. Knowing about buoyancy and water gives the power to swim. More awareness more knowledge, more knowledge more power, more power more abilities. We collect power to achieve a higher level, and as we attain a higher level the “chains” for which we are “links” also attain a higher level. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link, so every “link” needs to be empowered and raised to a higher level. For “someone” humanity is a “link”, and for “someone” it is a “chain”. It is in the interest of the “someone” for whom it is a “link”, to see humanity progress as it will raise them as well. As humanity progresses, it will be in the best interest of the “links”, the humans, as they will progress as well. As we grow humanity grows, as humanity grows we grow. As employees grow the company grows, as the company grows the employees grow. As parents grow their patience children grow their happiness, as children grow their happiness parents grow their patience. As we reduce stress we increase health, as we increase health we reduce stress. As we smile people smile back, as people smile at us we smile.

To be continued...

Friday, December 26, 2014

Book 2 (My Opinion, Your Self Is My Self) - Chapter 1, Part 2


Since AESA has only itself to use as creation material, pieces of it are also All Encompassing Self Awareness but these pieces want to “play the game”, and they understand the “big picture” and thus agree to limit themselves and start the game from their unique starting point. This unique starting point, this unique perspective is the unique “I am”. These pieces, which are us, agree because we are AESA and nothing can force us. We are the Self-limiting pieces of AESA and as such we are Self-Awareness without the All-Encompassing. We understand that it is a game and that a unique and individual starting point results in a unique and individual point of view on all there is. At the end of the game we become a unique and individual way of looking at things for AESA. A way for AESA to look at things from our “I”’s, or “eye’s” unique perspective, even as AESA continues to expand. And since we are a part of AESA there is no death, or rather annihilation and non-existence. And since there is no death there is no losing in this game. And we are supposed to be having fun playing with ourselves, as long as we ignore anyone who would tell us how and whom to play with.

As with any game, there are rules. The rule for this game is linearity. One thing leads to another, and another, and another, and another. One opinion leads to another, leads to another, leads to another. One event leads to another, leads to another, leads to another. Every action has a reaction, and a reaction, and a reaction, and a reaction. As we choose the role in the experience we choose the action, knowing the action we anticipate a reaction. If the reaction is not what we expected, the action might not have been what we expected either. Imagine rolling a bunch of billiard balls. There is a trajectory, and the energy with which each one was rolled. As there are imperfections in the road, we need to keep moving between them to adjust the trajectory and energy as necessary to keep all of them rolling. There is a pattern or chain of movements to rolling a ball, even as the individual angles and energies may vary. And there is a resulting chain of trajectories which the balls have traveled. As more skill is gained through practice we improve the technique of rolling the ball. As we improve the technique, we improve the trajectory the ball travels. As we improve the technique, less effort is required to move the balls. There is a pattern or chain of opinions and beliefs we use for our actions and decisions, and there are the resulting chains of events in our lives.

The basic structure of everything is a repetition of the same pattern of links and chains. A complete chain is a link in another chain. Self-Awareness is a link in the chain of All Encompassing Self Awareness. While inherently identical Self, each link is customized or individualized through its own Awareness experiences to create a unique “I”. These customized or individualized links result in a customized or individualized chain, an ever customizing or individualizing AESA. We are links in some chains, and the whole chains of some links. We are the chain of “life-time” composed of the links of days/experiences/moments. We are the chain of “body” composed of the links of cells/organs. We are the link “human” in the chain of humanity. We are a link in the chain of family, in the chain of company, in the chain of country. The links are infinite, and so are the chains. As we discover the chains and our place in them we become more aware of our place in existence thus growing our Self awareness.

To be continued...

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Book 2 (My Opinion, Your Self Is My Self) - Chapter 1, Part 1

Let’s just jump right in with the wild claims and ideas that are unsubstantiated and that I can only make because they’re my opinions, and this is my book. The wild claims that your own research and intuition will support or discard as necessary for and desired by you. We’ll start with how the story ends, the conclusion I propose. If you like it you can read the following chapters and enjoy and understand how I reached it. This is my conclusion, and everything else will be the reasoning behind it. Just my idea and my sense of the way the world works. Either you won’t waste another minute, or there will be something that piques your curiosity and you will continue to read.

And with that…

God is All Encompassing Self Awareness. All Encompassing Self, All Encompassing Awareness, All Encompassing, All. As such, All Encompassing Self Awareness (AESA) only has itself, to create anything out of, when it creates everything else. We are pieces of AESA, we are Self with a unique and individual “I”. We are Self with a unique and individual “eye”. We are Self with a unique way of “seeing” what there is. And all there is, is AESA. The “I” is the conscious Awareness of the subconscious Self. The “I” is the conscious knowing of the Self. The conscious “I” is what the subconscious Self becomes when there is Awareness of Self. The more conscious Awareness of the Self, the bigger the conscious “I”, and the less of the Self is left concealed. Think of the words. The “eye” is conscious Awareness of the Self, and the “eye” gains more Awareness and grows when it “sees” the Self. The bigger the “eye”, the more can be “seen”, and the more conscious Awareness there is of what we are looking at. And what we are looking at, is the Self because it is All-Encompassing. The Self is the “organ” used to perform a sense, and everything it is sensing. The “I” is the Awareness of the sensed Self. The Self is both the Self Aware “eye” and everything it “sees”. So the only way the “eye” has of perceiving it Self is by looking into a mirror and separating out in the reflection the “eye” and the Self. Once the “eye” perceives the Self in the reflection, it becomes Aware of it. The “eye” gains more Awareness and becomes bigger, or grows its consciousness, meaning that there is less subconscious area for the Self, and more of the Self is in the conscious area. Also with more Awareness it becomes easier to detect the Self in all the other reflections.

The “I” is Aware of the Self, and has beliefs and opinions about the Self's likes and dislikes. The way in which the “I” becomes Aware of the Self is by using an experience as a mirror to observe the Self. The “I” sets up the experiences by using its opinions and beliefs as the template. As the Self participates in an experience, the “I” observes and gains Awareness of the Self. The Self either likes or dislikes the resulting experiences. The “I” gains Awareness of the Self's likes and dislikes and adjusts the template accordingly. The Self's like or dislike is the sum of “role”, “I”, and “participate with” in an experience. Think of acting, actors pretend to be another “I”. Does the Self like or dislike as “I participate with hear” of music? Does the Self like or dislike as “I participate with criticizing” of music? Does the Self like or dislike as “I participate with enjoy” of music? Does the Self like or dislike as “I participate with dislike” of traffic. Smell of roses, caress of spouse, taste of cake, see of sunrise. Once the “I” is Aware of the Self's likes and dislikes, it can choose the experience and the role to produce the wanted effect. “I” should probably choose enjoy for the experience of life. Enjoying of life. As the “I” selects a role, it becomes it for the duration of the experience. I is “I participate with enjoy” of life, or “I am enjoying life”.

Through this unique “I”'s perspective the Self is collecting Awareness in its experiences, while playing out the only theme known to AESA, the path to Self-Awareness and then the Awareness of all. Since AESA is all there is, it has no way of fully perceiving itself, much like we can’t see all of ourselves in a mirror. We are pieces of AESA acting as mirrors, reflecting back our perspectives of it to itself. We are mirrors giving AESA a chance to say “ooh there's my Self, and there, and there, and that’s what my Self looks like from that angle”. There is no fate for us, but there is pre-destination since the end is known and it is full, complete, total, All-Encompassing Self-awareness and Awareness of Self. As we become Self-aware, there becomes more Self Awareness and thus AESA expands. As we learn and discover more about ourselves, AESA learns and discovers more about itself, giving all of us more to discover, and the process continues infinitely. Infinite moments of “ooh there's my Self” as we discover and become Aware of our Selves. Infinite moments for the Self of “I am so and so in an experience”, “I want this and that in an experience”, and “I do such and such in an experience”. Infinite moments of AESA becoming Aware of the Self through the “I”'s unique experiences. We are AESA's unique perspective of looking at its Self.

To be continued...

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What "All" We Think

We all think, the difference is in what we think about. We either think about "success", or "failure". We either think about "how great life is", or "how it sucks". We either think about "personal growth, and how we can get ahead", or "how the world is against us, and this is our lot in life". We can choose our thoughts, we can choose what we think about, and we can choose what we think about it. We can choose to think about "better for one and all". We can choose to think about "how to have our ideal life". We can choose to think about "what our ideal life is".

We are in control of our thoughts. Life situations happen. There are times when we will have reactionary thoughts, but when the "critical moment" has passed, and we once again have the opportunity to direct our thoughts, this is when we can choose our best/preferred/most helpful/fun/pleasant/good/"highest benefit for us and every one else" thoughts. Today is today, now is now, where do we want to be in a year? What kind of life, which goals, what results, do we want to achieve in a year? What is the subject, the supreme idea, the hue, the tone, the tint, the flavor, the chord, the object, the "general direction" for the thoughts we think moment after moment, year after year? What is the overall "so all" for our thoughts, is it hope, or is it fear?

We all think, the difference is the specific thoughts; their focus, quantity, goal, attitude, state, the "one word description". The "core", the "soul", the "spirit", the "root", the "direction", the "diction", is what is different, be they thoughts about reality, or fiction. We all think, and we can choose the "leads to better outcome for my self, and all" think, the "best result for my self, and all" think, the "every thought improves, betters, and compounds every thought, think, and idea". We all think, the difference is in the "all" we think. We can choose the thoughts that form the "all we think".

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Jim Rohn - How to Use a Journal Audiobook

While I keep a journal (see my "My Ideas, Notebook" posts), this is great advice on HOW to keep one.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Book 2 (My Opinion, My Self Is Your Self) - Introduction

What is it all about? Why are we here? How did we get here? What possessed me to pick this book to read, this movie to watch, this song to listen to, this street to walk on? I don’t know for sure, but I do have an idea about it. I would like to share my ideas, views and opinions with you. I would like to share with you what I think, and hope it will help bring some clarity, joy, and improvement in your life. Maybe my friends are right and I just have something to say, and this is my way of having it heard. Maybe, but perhaps that is the point as well. Why does a painter paint? Why does a sculptor sculpt? Why does a musician play? Is it for those around them, or is it for them regardless of the audience? Is it because they have something to say and merely use their chosen medium as a way to express themselves? Would they still create if there was no audience? What do you have to say, and how will you express it? Will you only express it if you have an audience, or will you create and those who need to see it will see it?

The ideas I offer are not to entice or force anyone to my path. I offer these ideas to propose that there are other paths available. These ideas are to propose and to remind that there are other ways of looking at things. What if there is more to life than we have been taught, so far discovered, or even fantasized? I am offering the possibility of a reality different from the one we perceive on a daily basis. More importantly I would like to offer the idea that “there is something else out there”. I am not offering my reality, I am only using the way I see things to illustrate a different way of looking at them. This is only for a way to see things differently from the way we have been seeing them so far, not to say that my way is the right way. This is my seeing the potentials of something different in the world around us and more specifically the world around me.

If you decide to embark on this journey, you will decide on what it is you would like to see. Your journey will be your own and unique, just like you are an individual and unique. You will have your own guides and you will find your own proof. Any discoveries you make, or epiphanies you have, will be your own. If this sounds like a copout, I have just one question. Why would you want to repeat my or anyone else’s life? As I follow my path and have my fun I discover what works for me. I discover who I am and what I want to be. My actions and my future are shaped by my wants, my past experiences and my awareness. Your decisions will be driven by you; all I offer is the idea that there is something more to you and for you.

If you only read this introduction and nothing else, I would like to remind you of and give you these three ideas. If you do nothing else smile, know what choices you make in a situation, and take really small steps. Smiling will force you to think of things to make you smile. Smiling will force people to either rise to your level and smile or shy away from you. All of the results of smiling are better for you. Knowing what choices you make will put things in perspective and show you why you are making the choices you are making. Doing something you make a choice to do because of something is different from and better than feeling trapped, even if it is something you do not like. Making the choice to do something shows you clearly what needs to change for things to improve, even if it is just your acceptance of the situation. Small steps will keep your attention on what you can do now without daunting you with “what will I do next or later”. Looking at a distant goal may stop you from taking any steps towards it. Instead look at every moment and think “this leads to a worse situation, and this leads to better”. Do the little thing that leads to better and repeat moment after moment. When you look back you will be amazed at where you ended up, but looking far ahead may have stopped you completely. So remember; smile, choose, do.

If you feel there is something else out there. If you feel there is more to the world. Know that you are not strange. Know that there is nothing wrong with you. Know that you are not alone. Know your Self.

Thank you

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Which Do You Conrol?

If you are paid for what you are doing, then for you to earn more someone needs to make the first move/take the first step. Either you can do more, or someone can pay more. Which do you control? Do you control the "pay more", or the "do more"? To "do more", or not to "do more", the choice is up to you, but "do more" IS what is controlled by you.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Repaying A Debt After 30 Years

What is it that this clip touches inside of us? What is the sense that is responding?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Breadcrumb Trail

We all leave a trail of our journey through life, some do it purposely; through books, children, movies, songs, art, and some just by the merit of "I was here". Some are at the beginning of their journey, and some are the "far future effect" for always doing some "THAT", some specific "so I am". I am creating my own breadcrumb trail to where I am, as I travel my journey through life. My trail of "I was thinking about this". And then again I was thinking about this. And then again I was thinking about this. And then again I was thinking about this. And then again I was thinking about this. At almost every moment there is a "I am now thinking about this".

Who I am today is the result of my "thinking about this" again, and again, and again, and again. Whatever the thinking may be; about design, about creation, about reality, about society, about sex, about porn, about love, about friendship, it is what is "now thinking" for me. We leave a breadcrumb trail, some of us intentionally, for "how to get to think like me". If you like where I am, then shouldn't you know everything, so that you'd know how to get "as close as you can" to me? If you don't like where I am, then shouldn't you know everything, so that you'd know how to get "as far away as you can" from me?

My positions on EVERYTHING should be valuable to you. Especially in a manner that is easy to absorb/process/utilize/use/enjoy by you. My breadcrumb trail to where I am, to my every position, to be used for "toward" or "away", by you. We all leave a trail, and some of us do it on purpose; the speakers, the bloggers, the teachers, the gurus, the writers, the celebrities, and every single human being you meet on your way. A breadcrumb trail of our thoughts and ideas that lead to "where I am", available to you for "like" and "don't like". Some ways are easier, some just require thinking a certain way. Choose the ones you like best, don't waste your time on the "don't"s, and follow their breadcrumb trail to how they achieved results their way.

My Ideas, Notebook 11

The journal I keep as my lifetime unfolds.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Randomizing Factor

My endeavor is to show, that life/nature/"reality" has a formula according to which it grows/forms/develops/cycles. This formula, while being simple as a formula, provides a complex output because it has a "randomizing factor". A factor for unpredictability, randomness, uniqueness, and any other way to express individuality. An (X+Y) * RF. The X, and or the Y, being under our control, while the RF is random as a factor. (Income + Expenses) * Randomizing Factor. The income and expenses for a week, and the interest earned on the sum as the randomizing factor. An other week a roof leak may be the randomizing factor. And yet an other week the car breaks down, or a lotto win, may be the randomizing factor.

While the income, and the expenses, may be under our control to a greater degree, as yet there is little to no control of the randomizing factor called "nature". What I propose is that we take, as much as we can, control of, and improve, the "income" and "expense" factors, and it should allow for easier handling, and influence, of nature's "Randomizing Factors". A comfortable financial cushion, influences and alters the impact of a leaky roof's randomizing factor. X plus Y, times the RF, but the RF is altered by X/Y. A tree adds rings according to some "input" and "output" factors, but a hurricane is a "randomizing" factor, resulting in an unpredictable/unique/specific tree. A sneeze, a trip, a kind, or unkind, word; all randomizing factors, much like a sudden benefactor.

How To Get What You Want by Wallace Wattles