My Remarks

"We want to hear that, which we believe should be said."

"The same advice you give to others, you can give right back to you."

"If we collect and focus the sun through a lens, we can create a fire. What can we do if we collect and focus thought?"

"What are my credentials? I make sense. Why should I listen to anyone? They make sense. Repeat."

"Who am I? I am the choices I make, and the result of the choices I made."

"Time is what happens, before we believe in something."

"Any action has a reaction, although not necessarily equal or opposite."

"To share awareness we must share the level,
A different level holds no interest for me.
If you want sharing you come to my level,
For this is where I make my choice to be."

"Hoarding, the fear of needing and not having."

"How can I give anyone advice, if I am not sure of the vice myself?"

"I am special because every One is special. The alternative is that no One is special, and I am unwilling to accept that. Why would any One?"

"Make every choice consciously. Choose what is better for everyone."

"Good works in “mysterious” ways."

"Time is events."

"Why not choose better, for one and all?"

"The opposite of “better for all” is “better for some”. In “better for some” I don’t know who decides, or which “some” I am part of. So I choose “better for all”, to not be a part of the “better for none”."

"If you don’t want to be a part of my sugary, nice-nice, utopian world, that’s fine. Don’t be surprised if I don’t want to be a part of yours."

"Do not do anything, the repercussions of which are intolerable."

"Somehow it’s possible, I just need to tell the story of how."

"There’s no need for panic or fretting at all, I’m merely proposing we be decent to all."

"This is the engram to tint the tone of them all."

"Good’s will be done."

"Who am I to say what is better? Why not me?"

"By necessity, inventing means going where no one has gone before."

"Have no fear, doubt be gone from here."

"Fact is an opinion everyone agrees to."

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