Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The "Eye"

At first there is nothing. Then there is an "eye". This "eye" decides the am. The "eye" experiences the am it has decided. The "eye" likes or dislikes the am and the experience. The "eye" changes the am, and the experience changes.​ Now with two points to extrapolate direction, the "eye" chooses which experience it preferred. The "eye" again changes the am, thereby changing the experience of the am again. Any direction is valid for adjusting the am, decided only by the preference of the "eye". Habit, AKA momentum, predetermines the am, but the "eye" is the one to choose the am. It may be easier for the "eye" to adjust direction, than to stop the momentum of an experienced action. The "eye" chooses the am so it is in control of every experience regardless of the momentum or any reaction.

It would appear that the "eye" is the eye of that which was there before the "eye". ​At first there IS, then comes everything else. It would appear that the "eye" is the eye of Is. I experience the am, I have chosen in the Is. I can change the am, and experience a different Is. The momentum of my memory and habits may be easier to gradually adjust, but that is the am I choose. Maybe now is the am, I choose to be better. Now is the better am, I choose to be. Now is the best am, I choose to be.

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