Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ripples Of Effect

Every action, whether it is thought, word, or deed, sends a ripple of effect. These ripples combine, or clash, to create further effects. Consistent action will cause consistent effect. Chaotic action will cause chaotic effect.

Consistent investing will combine into consistent savings and compound interest. Consistent learning will combine into a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Consistent improvement will combine into a better existence, experience, and life.​

At the right consistency, actions will resonate (re-sonate, re-sound, be-heard-again). This resonance will propagate the effect further than it would have gone on its own. Actions assist other actions to achieve a result greater than the individual actions.​

Helping family, friends, and people in general, will resonate with actions to help ourselves. Moving a couch with a friend is easier than moving it on our own. The help we have given resonates with our actions to help ourselves and the result is greater than we could have achieved on our own.​

Giving money or other assistance to help someone get on their feet, resonates with needing investment into a business venture. Giving love and attention to family members, resonates with having a happy family life. Giving resonates with receiving.​

Actions resonate with other actions. Consistent actions of "better for all" will resonate with other "better for all" actions. If the dominant ambiance is "better for all" then the dominant resonance will be "better for all". Yes, I am beating the drum of "better for all".​

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