Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Overlapping Expertise

What can someone teach you, after 20 years in their field of expertise? What can someone else? What is the overlap between two, or more, people with 20 years experience, in the same field of expertise? What is the overlap between ALL the people with 20 years of experience? What is the overlap for those with 30? With 40? With 50? What is the nugget, the lesson, the node, the idea, the key information that ALL of these people learned, discovered, experienced, and taught?

What do ALL, ALLLLLLLLL the "old" people say? What do ALL the "senior" people say? What do ALL the parents say? What do ALL the coaches say? What do ALL the managers say? What do ALL the teachers say? What do ALL the people say? What is the overlap in what ALL people say? For every area of life there are those with more experience, and there is the overlapping [ . . . ], that they ALL say.

Whatever your interest, whatever your situation, you can use movies/books/the internet/other people to find out and learn what ALL those with more experience, and information, say. There are many, sometimes conflicting, opinions and other pieces of data, but on something they agree. In something they overlap, and chances are that what everyone agrees on, is potentially (it's always up to you) the better way. What "everyone agrees on", is what can be learned by you.

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