Thursday, November 13, 2014

Leverage In A Name?

Is there leverage in a last name? Is there a benefit to me with my last name? Do doors open, or close when someone hears it? Does the existence of Roma n Abramovich help, or hinder me? Does it even make a difference? Is there a leverage to sharing a last name with someone famous? With someone in the public's eye? Is there a power in a generic Mr. Smith?

When meeting others with the same last name, I know that there is a kind of elation, a feeling of almost "meeting family". Does this extend to people with other last names? Do people with other last names feel the same way when they meet someone with the same last name? What is the feeling if not "family"? Is it pride? Comfort? Nothing? Do others even care?

there is something to meeting someone with the same first name, and to meeting someone with the same last (at least to me). Some kind of effect. Perhaps a kind of resonance. Is there a leverage, a predisposition, a "weight" to, and towards, a name? Are we benefiting from, and do we have a duty to, our last names? Our surnames? What do others think and feel when they hear them? What do we think, and feel, when we hear others' last names?

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