Friday, November 7, 2014


History is written by the victor. His story is written by the one who writes it. He who chooses to write the story is the one who can write as the victor, as the loser, or if he so chooses as god. His story is written by any one.

Does every victor write history intentionally, or does it get written automatically by virtue of no one else being left to write it? Is every writer the victor since he is writing? Who's story does the writer write, the winner's, the loser's, his own, anyone's, or all?

If the victor is writing his story, what path to victory is he describing? If the story is being written by the loser, does he remain a loser, or change the story to become a winner?  How does a loser change defeat into victory? What lesson make the loss a win?

Which story is better? Which story offers the most, be it pleasure, lessons, or anything else desired by the reader? Which story attracts the most readers, and other writers? Which story is the best?

History is written by the victor. What if the conflict is how to make things better, and everyone writes his story of how to make everything better for one and all? What if every one wrote his story of what they did for all to be the victors?

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