Thursday, November 27, 2014

Book 1 (My Opinion, Your Choice) - Chapter 6, Part 4


Faith is necessary to some extent. This is the same as the faith a child places in a parent, the understanding that “they are looking out for me.” This doesn’t happen on the first day, and not all parents are ever deserving of a child’s faith in them, but that’s because they themselves are children. We are all children raising other children, while learning about who we are. This also requires the faith that total self-awareness is infinitely perfect, and totally awesome, and will never do anything to harm us, and that sooner or later we will be more in communication with it. Just so we’re clear, yes the opinion being presented is that humanity is a toddler at best and more probably it is still an infant, while self-awareness is self-loving and thus loving us and doing everything in our best interest.

Remembering the previous lifetime is a huge question in the discussion of existence. What happened before, will there be a next time? I pose this question as a response; do infants remember their first days or even the first months? The answer would be a resounding no, but neither does this seem to bother them, or concern anyone else for that matter. Children just are, as they sleep and eat, growing, until little by little they begin recollecting and relating their previous days. The issue that people seem to have with this is that they remember their previous day, and this throws off their perceptions or maybe just offends their ego, or maybe it is something else completely that obscures their perception of the idea that an entire lifetime may be just a single day. Similar to an infant maturing to the point of remembering their previous days, there may and probably will come a time when people will remember their previous lifetimes.

What about communicating with the “parent”? When a child asks for something, there are a few possible reasons for why the response may appear to the child as a no. The first possibility is that the child’s communication skills are so poor that they are unable to clearly present their want. The desire is specifically for a cookie, but what’s being presented is merely a wail. In the beginning when an infant cries, the parents will check all of the possibilities of why the child is crying. These may be hunger, or the need to be changed, or held, or the need for a nap. All of the child's needs will be met, but the child has to improve their communication skills to receive precisely what they want. Once the request for a cookie is clearly stated, why doesn’t the parent just tell the child that cake is coming and it’s better than a cookie? Well, there are many possible reasons such as the child’s anatomy not being developed enough to hear what is being said, or the communication skills are low and the child does not understand, or the child might be so loudly screaming for the cookie that they do not hear the parent’s response.

Any of these scenarios play out in much the same fashion, the child asking for a cookie and not getting one while possibly getting upset about it, until finally they get cake which is even better. The next time around the child will keep praying for a cookie, and the parent will be bringing cake, but the child needs to learn patience and to improve their communication skills. If we simplify this a little, the child is asking for a treat and the parent will provide a treat, but a little patience and understanding is required, as the treat may be in a form that is different and better from the one that was expected.

Human beings are infants, not adults, not teenagers, not even toddlers, just infants, but they are infant God. Constantly connected to God, possessing the power of God, with voluntary amnesia while playing at being less than God, discovering the path back to being God. This discovery and experience of the path being the entire “point” of existence, with as much pleasure available as desired. The confusion and disconnect stem from the ego standing tall and proud and proclaiming “but here I am” while having no idea of where the “I” came from or where the “I” is going, all the while drowning out self-awareness's voice as it tries to guide us when we ask for it. Listen to yourself. What do YOU want?

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