Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Book 1 (My Opinion, Your Choice) - Chapter 6, Part 3


The individual copies may not force their choices on each other, and the all-encompassing core self-awareness. In this “game”, infinite possibilities of interaction exist with every permutation of choice available. These appear as seamless reality to each of the individual copies as they focus their attention according to their preference. For example: individual 'A' and individual 'B' each have numerous realities they are participating in simultaneously. Each reality for an individual is a self-contained bubble created out of the energy of that particular individual. The people populating each other's realities are mirrors representing an aspect of that reality creator's opinions. These people are available for the “real” individual to place, or rather focus, their awareness into if they choose to interact in that specific script or story. At the current moment in our development as individuals we are only able to perceive one reality at a time. So as individual A's reality 1, which is also individual B's reality 1, becomes unpleasant for individual B, individual B will refocus or shift their awareness to a different reality they are participating in. A copy of individual B will still be present in reality 1, but this will only be a projection or construct which is created out of individual A's energy, not affecting in any shape or form individual B. Individual B's awareness may actually be experiencing reality 3 which individual B finds more pleasant, while sharing it with the awareness of individuals C and H.

Consider the possibility of everything, every event, and everyone in the world being a representation of your ideas. Little skits being played out, for you to see and decide if you like or dislike them. The question immediately comes up “what about bad things happening to people?” This is a touchy subject but consider these two possibilities, if these people are “out there” then that's exactly the point, it was out there and it didn't happen to you. It is no different than a movie, a TV show, or a play and it has nothing to do with you. It is a representation of a possibility, which does not directly affect you, but gives you a very good opportunity to examine the idea and come to your own conclusions as well as to take the actions you decide are necessary to experience or avoid the experience. Possibility number two has to do with the “bad” affecting you directly, the reason for this is the “Law of Attraction”, or in other words “what you think is what you get.” This is difficult to accept, but that doesn't change the effect. The mind has limitations on its understanding, and either has a difficult time processing or doesn't process at all the prefix 'not'. Thus not-poor registers and vibrates as poor, and is the opposite of wealthy. Not-sick vibrates as sick and is the opposite of healthy, not sad unfortunately is the opposite of happy. Change what you want, and get only “good”.

As people grow their awareness, sooner or later they discover God, which equates to finding self-awareness. This may be equated to an infant discovering itself, and the realization that they are a boy like daddy or girl like mommy, and that they are a person which is different from the animal pets surrounding them. As children grow and mature, they discover and learn new talents and abilities as well as control and intentional manipulation of them, part of this growth for self-awareness would have to be the control and intentional manipulation of its abilities which is the control and intentional manipulation of everything.

Children are born, grow, evolve, mature, become adults, create their own children, and finally die. This is the “cycle of life” as people have experienced it for millennia. It is a flat cycle, implying no past and more importantly no growth, no potential, and no future. Now let’s rename it into the “spiral of life” and look at what that idea produces. At the end of each cycle there is a transformation into the next stage, the end of an octave on a piano is the beginning of the next one. There is something before the beginning of the arc, and there is no end at the end only another beginning, also its diameter increases constantly as it undergoes constant growth. On this spiral of life an infant doesn't remember its early days, as the infant goes to sleep and wakes up there is an absence of memory of what happened previously, but even in the absence of memory there is still development and growth and some information is retained. Parents are there to nurture and guide the infant at that time, and there is nothing “unnatural” about the process. Sooner or later the infant grows into being a toddler.

To be continued...

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