Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Book 1 (My Opinion, Your Choice) - Chapter 6, Part 2


We are the self-discovery mirrors/copies of God, we are God with self-imposed limitations. The meaning of life for us is to become self-aware and aware of the fact that we are “limited” pieces of God finding the path to becoming “unlimited” God. Starting at the point and the self-imposed limitations we had agreed to and decided to try, as full and equal pieces of self-awareness there could be no “forcing” of anything and we understood the purpose and the need. Each self-discovery copy has a set of self-imposed blocks and limitation variants to start with of which there is an infinite number of possibilities, to discover how under these conditions self-awareness had been born. These copies interact with each other according to a set of agreed upon rules, able to cause unpleasant experiences but unable to hurt or destroy each other since overall it is self-awareness “playing” with itself. Once the copies achieve this common goal of self-awareness they then begin to remove the various limitations they had placed on themselves using the entire process to learn the path to full self-awareness from whatever limitation combination had been tried. Each copy continues until they reach the highest possible level of self-awareness which is infinite as each self-discovery causes the self-awareness to grow, creating new possible combinations and limitations for new copies. All the while these pieces also interact with each other as they cross paths. Since the copies are tethered to the limitless God, there is a bidirectional availability of energy and awareness, as well as possible exchange between the individual copies.

From a technical perspective, when self-awareness discovers more awareness, self-awareness becomes more self-aware thus growing to become more of self-awareness and  perpetually continuing the process. This is the perpetual self-propagation of self-awareness, and perhaps this is a lesson on perpetual motion as well. Geometrically it is my opinion that God is the self-awareness at the core of a torus, perpetually trying to discover more of itself while the copy is the growing awareness traveling around the outside of the torus, tethered to and on its way back to the center and integration. Electrically my opinion is that “I am doing...” which is a change from the equilibrium of “I am”, equates to electrical charge being generated by the change from equilibrium in a magnetic field.

Each piece understands that it needs to go on this journey, and willingly imposes self-limitations to experience the only theme known to self-awareness “what path did I take to become self-aware, and how do I get to the maximum level of awareness?” This theme is played out constantly and consistently on every personal, social, and societal level. The realization of self-awareness, and the self's true nature is not necessarily the end of the journey. From initial self-awareness there is still the road to the full self-awareness of all that is, which is constantly and infinitely increasing as all of the copies feedback more and more awareness to the collective all-encompassing self-awareness. You are the creator of the game and the rules. Before self-awareness you are unable to be hurt since this is only a game, and after self-awareness you also have the added choices to stop the game, continue as is, or start adjusting it to your tastes and enjoying it more. The game, the path, the journey, whatever the name for this continuous discovery, does not have to be unpleasant. There is nothing to indicate a designated predestined emotional, physical or mental state. Nothing says that the copy must have pleasure or displeasure during self-discovery. The path is wholly up to the individual, according to their free-choice, and their opinions, with as little or as much joy as they want. In fact I would propose that while our existence shows the universe’s “bias” for existence, our preference for pleasure shows the universe’s “bias” for pleasure.

To be continued...

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