Monday, November 24, 2014

Book 1 (My Opinion, Your Choice) - Chapter 6, Part 1

The word concrete evokes immediate intellectual connotations and ideas in people’s minds; strong, solid, dense, long-lasting, immovable, building material. Along with these intellectual ideas the word concrete also evokes emotional connotations; dependable, reliable, resilient, solid, stubborn, drab. Some are positive feelings such as reliable, and others are not so much as for example drab. Overall, concrete is not so emotionally charged (or at least shouldn’t be) as to prevent a conversation about itself. Words, and their meaning, are modified by the connotations attached to them and possibly no other word has as many connotations as God. Perhaps the following idea of God will enable us to at least look at the subject, if not come to a consensus on it, God is self-awareness. That's it.

Somewhere, some guy (there's a topic for debate), loves you, and he needs a big building where you can talk, also known as pray, to him but if he ever answers don't tell anyone because he just does not do that. Anything good that happens in your life is thanks to him, and if there's anything bad it's because he moves in mysterious ways. He needs you to keep doing certain things and not doing certain other things, while wearing a certain “uniform”. You were made in his image but it's not literal and you're not anything like him. He is above you, and apart from you while there is a piece of him in you and in everyone else. This is the idea, in all its confusing glory, of God today. He is out there, above you, telling you what to do, and he loves you while judging you.

I would like to offer my opinion on what God is. God is self-awareness which is reveling in the fact that it is aware of itself. Self-awareness is shapeless, it is formless, it is immaterial, it is ephemeral, and self-awareness is unable to perceive itself with its senses thus it has to create self-aware copies to act as mirrors, and to interact with, so that it may discover more of itself. As the self-awareness grows it continues to try new variations on the only theme it knows which is the discovery of itself. In order to experience and discover something new, self-awareness plays out this theme by sending out copies with a self-imposed block of their self-awareness and energetic limitations to start with, while the copies are energetically tethered to the full self-awareness the entire time they are learning how to overcome the block. Since the only material available to self-awareness is itself, the copy is therefore full self-awareness with full abilities, but understanding the goal and the purpose the copy “agrees” to the limited state it begins with. As the duplicate becomes self-aware it continues becoming more self-aware until it reaches the full current level of self-awareness held by the “stationary” or “core” piece. Once the copy reaches the same level of self-awareness as the core there is simply more of itself or more self-awareness as all of the information is fully integrated. Since there was a tether connecting the two the entire time, all of the information was actually integrating the entire time the copy was on its journey, integrating and adjusting the copy's journey while moving the goal of full self-awareness further away.

To be continued...

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