Saturday, November 15, 2014

Book 1 (My Opinion, Your Choice) - Chapter 3, Part 2


Hunger is the signal by the body that it requires food. What signal does the soul issue? Is curiosity the hunger of the soul? What do we feed our souls? How much drama, fear, and gossip? Perhaps then, guilt or shame is the feeling of “indigestion” from a soul-food that does not sit well with the personality of the individual? We are what we eat, and what kind of people are we? Do we help? Do we go to war? Do we share, love, listen, have patience? Are we selfish, aggressive, impatient, are we self-centered? Does the feel-good comedy have more appeal than the horror thriller? Do we enjoy a good drama as an occasional treat, as opposed to feeding our misery on it? What soul-food do we consume to drive our hope? Do we watch science fiction and think this will never happen, or that it will not happen in our lives? Do we listen to stories of other’s luck and think that will never happen for us? I would propose that next time our souls get curious; we feed them possibilities of a better life. How does the possibility of world peace make you feel? How does the possibility of medical science being able to cure all diseases feel? Next time let’s look for news of a new discovery that helps people, or maybe just a tidbit of feel-good news of a neighbor helping a neighbor.

Certain foods have extremely long-lasting effects on the body. These effects may be beneficial or detrimental, but the duration will be the same. In addition to information, a parallel may be drawn to our actions, some of which make us happy and feel good, while others bring resentment and sadness. We can eat a cookie to feed our bodies a little bit of joy. What action could we take to feed our souls happiness? How long does it take the body to digest a delicious meal? How long does the effect of helping and changing someone’s life last? How does a walk outside taste? On the negative side, ingesting something poisonous to our bodies is indicated by nausea and causes a reaction to expunge the offending substance. When we are feeling shame and guilt, the effects of our poisonous actions, there must be a mechanism for expunging or digesting through the offending action. What are we afraid of? What beliefs keep us holding onto the poisons, and make us believe that it is better to be feeling the discomfort, be it physical or mental, than the possible alternatives?

To get food we grow it, harvest it, and serve it. With modern agriculture and food production technology, food is brought to a store/central distribution point and people purchase/obtain the food without having to do the work themselves. It is the job of the food producers to manufacture it, while the rest of society performs other necessary functions. In the body there is an energy/food distribution method to provide the cells without their having to do the work necessary to produce the food. If we consider that no cell in a healthy body is left to starve and every cell functions, this is remarkably effective process. Perhaps this is a lesson on how to adjust our society so that it functions more efficiently and no one is left to starve. Coincidentally this may also be a lesson on how to make everyone productive, or we can just imagine everyone being productive.

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