Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Book 1 (My Opinion, Your Choice) - Chapter 1, Part 2


How can reality adjust in a way that would be seamless you may ask? Do you want to be rich, but don’t want to work? Fine, you win the lottery. Chances of winning astronomical, nearly impossible, totally unbelievable? Maybe, but it’s possible. What about doing nothing at all except thinking about it? Alright, a sweepstakes you weren’t aware of that you were automatically entered into by your utility company? A class action lawsuit against a company with a monetary payout that you did not know about? How would you prove that the past adjusted? Does it even matter? Let the universe do its job, it can be a lot more creative than the limited examples I’m coming up with from my limited imagination. Government not doing its job to your satisfaction? Fine, almost magically a peaceful protest by the masses converging on the capitol starts a peaceful coup that creates a happy country, and then almost magically peace on Earth. Too utopian? So what? It’s a long shot but it’s possible, and that’s what’s important to understand. We don’t have to understand the how, but our opinions need to at least allow the possibility. Evil aliens, good aliens, no aliens at all, all of these realities are possible and each would make complete sense to you. Actually they would make sense to everyone around you too, but only you would know what exactly it was that you wanted. Which would you prefer? After you just thought of what you prefer, a thought probably popped in that started with “but that’s not going to happen because…” and some opinion followed. Look at this thought, examine the opinion you attached to it. What opinion stops you from even hoping for what you really want to happen, and do you really agree with that opinion?

Any and all possibilities are available to you, as long as you can imagine them and then accept the possibility. Your mind (conscious and subconscious) will start filling in the chain of events as well as generating events and all of reality around you to produce what you want and believe is possible. These events cannot violate your personal beliefs. Let me repeat that, these events CAN NOT VIOLATE YOUR PERSONAL BELIEFS (opinions). As long as the belief in the density of your body and gravity is present in your mind, flight without mechanical assistance is pretty much impossible. On the other hand if you can adjust your beliefs, then a chain of events will appear to make flight possible. This may be anything, a new gene, harmonic bombardment and modification of the body, an evolutionary step, just because, whatever events that will make sense to you. The how is irrelevant, or rather it is the purview of what I personally call the “universe” and the universe is certainly more capable and creative than I am. Other names used are God, void, all-there-is, the creator, existence. The name is irrelevant; the idea is that it is the sum total of existence adjusting itself to your wishes. Be considerate of what you wish for, don’t be afraid of it, treat “negative” events as a demonstration of what you may want to reject as options from your reality, but if you carefully consider your wishes, then reality becomes a series of pleasant “positive” events.

Whatever wants you can come up with the universe grants, all the while adjusting it to your opinions, reality, and realm of possibility. Those that are afraid will have just that, something fearful coming to get them. Optimists will have good luck and good things happening all the time. Speaking of time, time is what we perceive while our beliefs are adjusting to new concepts and ideas. To believe in unassisted flight you have to adjust what you believe in, a chain of events appears until one day flight is possible. The adjustment period, in my opinion, is what we perceive as time. Some things take no time at all, while other things may take years or even a lifetime, in the end run it’s just a mental adjustment necessary to believe. The more shocking the idea, the more “time” we may need to adjust to it. What kind of chain of events is necessary in your mind for people to go to the planets of this solar system in your lifetime? What about to other solar systems? Does it really have to take so long? This is the core of the idea, what you think needs to happen to make something a reality will keep happening that way until you decide to “not care how” and just focus on the idea and accept that in general this idea is possible. Forget the “how”, that’s the universe’s job. Figuring out the “what” that you want is your job. Make sure that you want with a positive outlook. You will get what you want when you think about space travel but there are pleasant and unpleasant (for you) potentials. People will go to other planets because they want to, or because the planet is dying. People will meet pleasant helpful beings, or monsters. When you are thinking about the “what it is that you want”, your “why this can’t happen” opinion will pop up, your opinion of “reality”, and why the more pleasant, whatever you want, will not be possible. Consider this idea, does it really matter to you if the “why this can’t happen” opinion is invalidated or destroyed? Which possibility makes you happier? Is it really more pleasant to think of a polluted dead Earth, as opposed to a “miraculous” way everything will fix itself? This is also what’s affecting the reality you are in and creating right now and experiencing. Whatever difficulties you have about imagining a hypothetical future, now consider how difficult it is to think about and change the now that’s already not necessarily as nice as you may want.

Imagine a large, heavy, round boulder slowly rolling along. Behind it there is a clear track showing the direction it has rolled from. If you imagine a continuation of that track in front of the boulder, you will have a projected path the boulder will follow and in some distance a target it will hit. Now imagine that you are walking next to the boulder attached to it by a chain, and start pushing on its side. How far will you move the boulder sideways after it has rolled one foot? Will the difference in the boulder’s path, caused by your pushing, even be noticeable? Now imagine the difference after it has rolled one thousand feet. How displaced from the original path, and the original target will the boulder be? What about after ten thousand feet? How strong do you imagine yourself becoming, as you keep exercising your muscles by pushing against, or on this heavy boulder? The farther away or more long-term the target, the more you are able to correct the path of the boulder and the easier it becomes along the way. The more drastic the change to the trajectory you desire, the more effort it requires on your part. Now imagine that the boulder is all of your opinions. What you think about this, and what you think about that, is affecting every situation you find yourself in. Changing your path is fairly difficult, seemingly impossible, when the boulder of opinions keeps rolling along on its own path dragging you along with it. The further the target, the more time to push the boulder, or you could start chipping away at the boulder to make it smaller, lighter, and easier to move.

To be continued...

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