Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Book 1 (My Opinion, Your Choice) - Chapter 1, Part 1

We create the entire reality around us. This claim has been made by a lot of people, in different ways, at different times, and in very different circumstances. But. Very little seems to have been explained about the actual connection between what our “personal reality” means, or rather the world as we see it, and how exactly it is that it ties to our creating everything. The creation process or rather manifestation, also known as the law of attraction, has been explained. Think what you want, feel good about it to attract it, make sure you’re not thinking anything contradictory to repel it and it comes your way. Great! I won the lottery, the girl I wanted to date said yes, and I got promoted. This takes care of my immediate surroundings, but what about the news? What about the world at large? What about the very existence around us? How does my manifestation of a new car relate to the government, or space exploration? I will attempt to answer this very question, but in one word? Filler. In a few more words, a movie backdrop. The world at large is the automatically generating background in a computer game. What we need to see, hear, feel, smell and experience for all of our thoughts to make sense when put together, in a believable story. What we think the world should be is what it takes form to present, but most of the time we focus on our immediate needs and wants such as family, work, a place to live, food to eat. The world at large is “out there”, and we don’t necessarily give it the same attention as our lives. Try ignoring the news for a few weeks while thinking happy thoughts about the world and how you would like it to improve, then see how the world appears.

We want and thus attract pleasure, fun, joy, happiness and anything else you can think of that feels good for you. Conversely we dislike and thus repel pain, unpleasantness, and anything else that you personally may dislike. Remember that your likes and dislikes are personal. They are your opinions of these ideas. The only way to “circumvent” this process is to believe that the unpleasantness we are experiencing is more pleasant than the potential alternative experience. Fear of the unknown rears its ugly head. Since we began with the premise that we create our entire reality, then think just how powerful that means our minds/imaginations are when let loose to create the unknown potential terrors. Just how scary of a reality can we create? Suddenly the “kind of crappy” now isn’t so bad, taxes could be higher, pollution could be worse, and government might be a tyranny. In fact now that I think about it, it could be a whole lot worse, or it can also be so much better than I can even imagine. I would offer my opinion that fear, and more precisely fear of the unknown, is the only real barrier in our lives. As you decide on what you want which is what would make you happy, consider what it is that you are afraid of happening which prevents you from doing what makes you happy.

What does this have to do with reality? Our minds have two parts, the conscious and subconscious. Together they produce 100% of the signal being broadcast to create the reality around us, but the split isn’t even. How uneven? Less than 10% is conscious. Less than 10% of your consciousness manifested the new car, the big house, the convenient parking spot. What is the other 90% you are thinking about? What thoughts is your, and my, subconscious pumping out? The overall tone and overarching desire certainly play into this. As does everything you’ve ever been taught, and have decided for yourself. Even more importantly, what “truths” have you accepted and cemented into your view of the world, science, spirituality and overall possibilities? Does your reality even have the possibility of talking dogs? If the possibility of talking dogs is too odd, let’s fall back to the standard talking points: God, aliens, evil government, elves, world-peace, and anything else that defies explanation such as ghosts. Do you allow even the slightest possibility of any of these?

Consider now the possibility that your mind not only creates your reality now, but that it also back-fills everything necessary to make your reality “work”. God created the world? Fine, then religion will hold all of the answers. There will be a text, a book, an answer somewhere in the religious materials of your reality. Evolution? No problem, scientists will dig up a fossil any time you want. Aliens? The link will still be missing and videos on the internet will abound, as will abduction stories. Not sure which way you want to go? No problem, no definitive answers in any possible creation story, all will be sort-of-possible, and none will be the-story. Reality will shift and mold to any of your desires, and no one will even be aware. Not you or I for that matter, no one. But there is something that we will be aware of once we understand how it works. The chain of events intertwining with reality that leads to the outcome we desire. The events might not be new, it might be your new way of looking at old events, or it will be events you did not notice and so they will be new to you, but the past will adjust and back-fill to suit your now. It won’t necessarily be what you expected, but it will be a perfectly logical, realistic, probable, believable, amazingly lucky (or unlucky) chain of events.

To be continued...

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