Monday, November 3, 2014

An Element Of The Unknown

What if the element missing in every equation is the "unknown"? What if in every equation, every situation, every manifestation, there is an element of the unknown that needs to be accounted for? What if the entire point of this unknown is to make sure that everything will never be known? If at some point everything will possibly be known, then there is no point to existence since all we are doing then is going through the motions. The unknown is then necessary to keep everything exciting and new, because then there is always ​the element of the unknown.

What if our actions, choices, thoughts, intentions, and emotions, are what influences the unknown? What if the unknown in every situation from life to an equation is the "irrational one"? The previous action sets a direction, and there is for the habitual a predilection. This predilection sets a potential for a direction, but there is always the potential for any other redirection. What if in every equation and in every situation there is an element of the unknown simply because we do not know what we will choose to do? What if we have to always account for the unknown because we do not know all that is known, but we can always want what's better for all the known?​

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