Friday, October 31, 2014

A Basis Of Belief

At the basis of everything there is belief. Before ​asking for proof, reviewing data, considering outcomes, there must be the simple, most basic allowance of the concept. There at least needs to be the allowance of the possibility of the idea, and this allowance lays the foundation for belief. The belief that something is possible, even if improbable, or as yet undiscovered. If you do not want to believe in something and thereby do not allow the possibility, no amount of proof will convince you otherwise. There will be a wall of "no I cannot believe this, there is no way this is possible, this cannot be." All of the arguments concealing the idea that "believing this will negatively impact ME!"​

Whatever "this" is, does not affect everyone since someone is telling you about "this", or proposing "this". If "this" doesn't affect everyone, then "this" has to affect the "me",​ and since the "me" accepts other ideas, then there must be something about "this" that the "me" does not accept and thereby refuses to even consider the idea. If there is not even the consideration of the idea, then all of the proof, evidence, arguments, and examples will be dismissed regardless of their validity. Belief in the possibility, no matter how remote, will allow for the validation or confirmation of the idea in whatever form it takes for you personally. If you believe, you will find the proof. If you do not believe, no matter the proof, you will not believe. What, about a specific idea, do you find positive or negative for you?

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